Monster Maxx is now registered for sale in Canada, and just made available at your favourite retailers.

This is a breakthrough and a first in the cannabis industry, to have beneficial bacteria to promote and stimulate microbial health in the root zone. It’s probiotics for plants. Maxx contains two important types of bacteria and helps solubilize both calcium and phosphorus in soil. It can be used in hydroponics, water culture, soil and soilless mixes.

Maxx has been developed and designed by our science team over the last several years, tested, tweaked and perfected. Unique to Diablo Nutrients, improving the way we all grow.
Full Product Description
We have tested all Diablo products for heavy metals and we publish and post them on our website. We also do random batch tests throughout the course of the year.
We do not do the pesticide test because we have a brand new plant and have never, and never will, manufacture any pest products in our facility. That rule was created for manufacturing plants that formerly produced pest control products.
We strictly adhere to all proper manufacturing procedures and currently have the most products registered by Health Canada CFIA for cannabis of any major nutrient supplier in Canada.


Never settle for average! Get the best nutrients and expert growing advice from our highly experienced staff, and start growing Diablo style.

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