I have your started kit, what's next? What product(s) should I add or try next?

We would suggest our 2 shot! Check it out in our products page

The reason is simplicity and performance.

It is two parts (red and blue) matching the label colors that are used in equal amounts for the entire crop. It couldn't be more simple or practical to use. Part A is red and Part B is blue.
The amount varies from week to week as the plants get larger and more mature (see label)  but always the amount used of each Part A and Part B is equal.There is no grow or bloom or switching when you get into flowering etc.
The other compelling reason is how well it performs, crops love it, growers love it.

*note* you usually add one other supplemental product like Thrive or Monster Cal to ensure everything is available but "wow" the reports are excellent.
One final note is that it works exceptionally well for outdoor crops.

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