How do you use Stunt Monster?

Step 1 - Start using it in the last week or two of the vegetative phase. Because it initiates a “flowering” response, the plant sends its energy into flowering and not into vertical growth. This is how it prevents stretching. Even before the light cycle is changed, the plant is internally preparing to flower. This is critical in making this product perform.

Step 2 - Give your plants a triple amount ( 3 x initial application dosage) one time only about 4 days before you flip the lights.

Step 3 - Give your plants the higher rate (plus 50% of the initial amount) for weeks 1-3 of flowering. Some Sativa strains or longer crops might go as much as four weeks but typically three weeks is enough. What you should see is a much bushier plant with more nodes and branches, and of course way more flower sites.

In the old days, you sprayed a plant with a PGR and they stopped dead in their tracks almost overnight, but this product is phased in gradually. The former products were often carcinogenic, especially when combusting them.

Since Stunt Monster is fed through the roots into the plant, there is no harmful chemical residue and it is legal to use on cannabis in Canada. This becomes very important if your product has to undergo testing, and of course for the safety of consumers and people producing their own medicine.

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