Diablo Nutrients has a bacteria product but, I noticed it has only two strains not several like your competitors. Why is that?

Our bacteria product is called Monster Maxx. 

Maxx is much more economical than the competitors and a higher bacterium count if you look at our label. You are correct that it only lists two strains.  

Diablo uses only two bacteria types because in a matter of days the strongest strain will always overtake the weaker ones and you end up with only one or maybe two. This is true with yeast strains and in nature that the strongest one or two will always dominate and eventually take over.  

You can start with twenty but always end up with a strong strain. 

The strains chosen are designed to create organic acids which break down and solubilise calcium and phosphorus making them more readily available. A happy root zone is a happy home for plants! 

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