Autoflower Feeding Schedule

The key in using Diablo for growing “Autoflower”is knowing when Week 1 of Flower is happening.

When you’re in the Vegetative phase you simply stay on Week 3 of Veg until you notice small petals that might look like new growth without a magnifying glass or other tool but you see it is different and is the beginning of flower formation.

When you notice these petals or hairs are not new leaf growth but the beginning of the Flowering phase you just follow the Feeding charts or Feeding Calculator on our Diablo website and call that Week 1.

If you find that they are a bit more developed than you had noticed then call it Week 2 but either way you can now follow along on the feeding program just as you would if you had flipped those using short days for flowering.

The amounts suggested in the application rates or that you have used in your own custom program remain the same.

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