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About the 3-parts Diablo Nutrients kit: should I mix each nutrient with water in a separate bottle and water in 3 steps or should I mix the correct ml/L of all 3 in water?

Yes, you should mix all three in water as one solution. Do not add the nutrients to each other before adding to water. The idea is that some of the nutrients are antagonistic to each other and don't like to be mixed together until they are mixed in water. It is a good idea to mix the micro first just for dissolving purposes but not critical if you don’t.

How effective are your products for auto-flowering strains?

Diablo works exceptionally well on Cannabis Ruderalis (autoflower), the only difference is when using natural sunlight (outdoors) or in a greenhouse it takes a bit longer to flower as the sun dictates the timing.

When you reach Weeks 3-5 just keep going on that nutrient recipe level (for those weeks) for another few weeks until you start to see white hairs or indications that flowers are developing. At that point you would switch to week 5 to 6 and just follow along as though you were on a 9 or 10 week schedule.

Do Micro, Bloom and Grow all get mixed together throughout all the growth stages or does Bloom only get used during bloom?

Yes you add all three parts to your nutrient tank or reservoir one at a time and usually you add the Micro and stir it in followed by either the Bloom or Grow, again mix it in well. All three parts contain different minerals and elements that the plant will use from seedling to full growth bloom. Follow the chart and pick the corresponding week you’re in (i.e. Week 2 of veg) and then add the amounts it suggests multiplied by the number of litres of water in your reservoir.

Can I start using Diablo during flower if I was using a different nutrient during veg prior?

All Diablo Nutrients products can be used with other with other brands, as they are fully compatible.

What do I feed a Mother plant?

A mother needs to be fed similarly to the second or third week of the vegetative schedule. Mothers need more nitrogen and less phosphorus so instead of switching to the ”Flowering cycle application, we recommend you stay on or close to the veg cycle application.

Any tips on flushing?

There are a couple of commercial flushing preparations available at retail stores or you can make your own using: 1/2 cup (125 ml) magnesium sulphate per 100 litres (25 gal) of water.

Are Diablo Nutrients products suitable for aeroponics?

Yes, they all are suitable to be used but at a reduced rate for aeroponics (at least early in the crop). What we would do with the Thrive B1 product is mix the amount needed with some water and then strain it through a sock or some type of filter first so that the liquid you're adding to the reservoir tank is free of sediment and doesn't plug up any emitters.

Does Diablo produce and bottle locally in Kelowna, Canada?

We produce and package everything at our manufacturing plant in Kelowna, BC Canada. Most of our R&D is also done here in Canada and our Distribution facility is here as well.

When do I start applying Push?

Start using Push anytime in the late Vegetative stage (Week 2 or 3) to the Flowering Stage Week 6 is ideal. Try and follow as close as possible to the recommended rate of 2 ml per 100 litres (1 eye dropper is about 1 ml).
 Push will increase your CBD, THCA and THC (most cannabinoids) from  8-10% on average above what the strain normally produces.

Why use Maxx?

Maxx is like pro biotics for your plants and contains two very powerful and helpful types of bacteria. You could put twenty different bacteria in a bottle but in a short amount of time only the one or two strongest strains will survive and colonize properly. You don’t need more than two strains.

When they colonize they do two important things. They create a happy home environment for your roots and they produce organic acids. These organic acids solubilize calcium and phosphorus and free up both Ca and P to be taken up by the roots and to be available and used by the plant.

You do not need a large amount of Maxx for the “maximum” effect and Maxx is in a very stable solution ready to come alive when you feed it to your plants.


Since trying the starter pack I just went and grabbed a ton of stuff for my Diablo line. I’m super impressed with the results. We grabbed some clones and are in week five of flower now ... here is a picture of our holy water OG plant at 4.5 weeks flower



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