The Power of Push

November 30, 2020

Push(ing) the envelope

Push is a Plant Growth Regulator (PGR) and part of the Diablo Nutrients lineup. It forces the plants to create and secrete more oils and more cannabinoids. Let’s take a look at what is in the product, what makes it unique, and why it is so incredible for growing better bud.

Push contains a certified organic source of triacontanol, which can be extracted from beeswax or alfalfa.

Within five minutes of entering the roots of the plant, triacontanol signals a messenger from the leaves called adenosine. Adenosine is found in the cells of all plants and animals, including humans! In larger and sustained amounts, adenosine increases the immune response of the plant and puts its metabolism into overdrive. It’s like turbo-charging your plant’s growth! 

Until recently, it was not possible to get triacontanol into a solution that could penetrate the plant roots. Our R&D team developed a formula that reaches the roots - a breakthrough in plant science. This is what Push offers to the grower.

Unique to Diablo, Push increases yield by improving the uptake of water and nutrients by the root system. What does this mean for you and your plants? How about more and bigger buds with increased oil production? Push is now registered for use on cannabis and other crops in Canada.

In our extensive lab testing, Push performed extremely well with five well-known hydroponic plant nutrient brands. When we paired it with Stunt Monster and Frost we realized a massive increase in THCA and CBD:  12% more THC than the untreated plant of the same strain in the same timeframe.

We also tested it on 15 different strains and varieties: ruderalis (autos), sativa, and indica, with exceptional results on all varieties. The average increase in THC yield was 8% but the highest increase we recorded was 12%. With proper care and nutrition, even higher totals are possible!

Push should be used weekly as early as week 2 of the vegetative phase right up to week 6 or 7 of flowering. 

One of the very best things about Push is how little product you require to see these results. Just 2 ml (2 eye droppers) is all you need for every 100 litres (25 gals) of water! This is a case where less is definitely more.


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