The Power from Flower

March 9, 2021

"He Almost Won", “She Almost Scored”

You will never read a sports headline to include “he almost won,” “she almost scored”. If your goal is the biggest, bulkiest, heaviest yield possible multiple times per year, then you’re looking for a proven product that will be your Tom Brady (love him or hate him), delivering time and time again. Diablo’s 3 part Flowering, used as directed, will produce high quality crops with dense oil rich flowers, but you need to get the timing right. Our Science and Research teams have developed the recipe, tested and proven.

Whether you are a first timer or a seasoned grower, you are either learning this or know very well growing is a constant evolution. Using the correct set up, getting the lighting juuuust right and figuring out AND tweaking your feeding regime for your plants, ultimately what it comes down to is the finish...nothing else matters. Does it really matter if your plants are performing two weeks above schedule week 4 if your yield and quality is a complete let down at harvest? The answer is no! 

Diablo’s 3 part Flowering Program is all about adding the right product, in the right amount at exactly the precise time your plants require it in order to have your crops perform optimally.

Monster Flower. Monster Blaster. Monster K, what do they do, why do you need them and how do you use them?

Monster Flower: Used week 2-5 of flowering/bloom, this flowering compound was developed for the proliferation of multiple flowering sites and the expansion of flower bud formation. Monster Flower forces the plant to open up and generate more flowering positions. When applied at the right time and used in combination with Monster Blaster and Monster K it will outperform other products and other brands.

Monster Blaster: Use it. You’ll see why you need it. Used in the 5th and 6th weeks of flower/bloom, Monster Blaster is scientifically engineered to multiply and amplify the number and size of flowering sites. Use for two weeks before switching to Monster K.

Monster K: is a high level of Potassium for your plants. “K” will provide that final push your plants require to outperform other crops not using it. Use in week 7 and 8, “K” will hulk up your plants, no comparison, no alternative. 

Your cheat sheet:

Monster Flower, used from 2nd to the 5th week of bloom/flowering

Monster Blaster, used in the 5th and 6th week of bloom/flowering

Monster K, final sprint in weeks 7 & 8.

*use as recommended for optimum results.


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