How is Diablo Different From its Competitors

August 6, 2020

The Diablo Difference, The Back Story

Diablo began almost ten years ago with a goal of creating products that were an improvement to what currently existed on the market.

An improvement how? To start with, advanced technology, unique products that were developed with cutting edge science, more concentrated formulas and products that are created specifically for cannabis. We used existing and proven technology but added our own research and built new technology. It sounds cliché but we needed new and improved products that were approachable and affordable whether you’ve been growing since Covid or since the Rolling Stones were young.

Who does our research? We spent a lot of time researching and investigating world class talent, we then cultivated a phenomenal group of first class scientists and researchers who have extensive backgrounds in chemistry, plant science and soil science. We also have people who’ve done extensive testing and growing of numerous strains of cannabis, people who have been growing for decades.

This is how Diablo was created. Along the way we wanted to have some fun and added the mystical and mythical “Monster”, our take on the Loch Ness Monster or Bigfoot. We did this to be memorable...and a little outrageous, but we never forgot to include our company’s namesake pet and the owner’s much loved dog “Diablo”. If you look closely, each label has Diablo located somewhere sometimes obvious and sometimes you have to look a bit more closely. Emily, the owner’s four year old Pitbull has made one appearance as well. Can you tell we love our pets?!

Diablo has created and grown a portfolio of products providing a complete line of nutrients to growers of every experience level, guiding you through growing an entire cannabis crop from start to finish. Some products are specific to targeting a much needed boost such as Thrive or Monster Cal while others help improve the health or vigor of the plants. Other products target very specific goals such as terpene spectrum and out-push (Frost) or oil production (Push).

We’re also trying to be responsible by creating environmentally safe and friendly products that are not harmful to pets, people or the environment. For example Push is created using an organically certified source of Triacontinal. We have five products registered with Health Canada (CFIA) for use on cannabis (more than any other nutrient company) and have many of our products registered in 13 US states…..and counting.

Central always to what we do is research. There is no reason to reinvent the wheel or create something that already exists but if you can improve or build upon it, then we believe we are offering something valuable. Also central to our goals is knowing who our customer is. We make products for growers and more specifically those who grow cannabis. For many people cannabis is their medicine, their only source of relief from many illnesses and afflictions. We need to help these people grow a clean safe product to use and the same logic holds true for many of our commercial growers who have chosen Diablo. We want to offer the safest, most concentrated and effective product on the market.

Another really important difference for us is our customer service. As they say “no two customers are alike” and we strive to help growers small and large to be successful. That is why we put so much information on our website. Each product has an information sheet in a PDF format so customers can read about each individual product and what it’s used for and why. We also have feed charts and a really handy Feed Calculator available to everyone on our website

We have a saying that sort of sums up what we believe makes Diablo different; “Plants don’t change, technology does”. We believe it’s our commitment to research and technology that will continue to make us a market leader.


Never settle for average! Get the best nutrients and expert growing advice from our highly experienced staff, and start growing Diablo style.