Grower’s Diary

February 9, 2021

An Interview with Alberta Master Grower ‘Quality’

Q: How did you get started?

I got started with my father, in the beginning it was a father son project. My father and I both having little to no experience; needless to say, the first couple grows were a learning experience! On our first trip to the local hydroponics store, it hit me….and everything took motion. I still remember going to Hydro-lite for the first time and opening the door to a friendly smile. I knew this place was going to be my second home. We spoke with a young gentleman by the name of Dennon, and honestly if you have met the guy you know he is the one who will get you excited to grow. That's how it all started, seeds and a hobby with my father.

Q: What do you love most?

Wow that’s a tough one! I would have to say plant training. To be specific, Low Stress Training (LST). I deal with a lot of pain on a daily basis, so when I came across something that could help me relax, decrease my pain, and increase my yield, I was all in, BUT if you ask my wife she would probably tell you my favourite place to be is in my grow room.

Q: What is your LEAST favourite?

I hand water EVERYTHING, so sometimes that can get time consuming and difficult.  Right now I am working on a system that works for me as opposed to the other way around, PLUS a specialized Diablo feed program.

My biggest lesson, the biggest killer to an early grow career is your first yield. You won't hear me talk about yield really ever… there is a reason for that. My first grow was a one plant set up.  My dad figured I should learn how grow one before I could do 100. The strain was white widow. I was inexperienced and we ended up keeping it in veg for 6 months, went into flower 70 days later fast-forward to A WHOLE LOT OF WORK later the time came to take er' down. This day came giving the same feels as a proper Christmas morning, with presents snuggled under the tree just waiting to be unwrapped.

So we weigh it. I still remember seeing 120g on the scale. The next day we came back to look. "Dad where in the actual  $#@&!! did all the weed go ?!!" Day 2 they will noticeably shrink, then again on the third day…along with it your joy. End result was 20g, this was so disappointing, it totally made me look past the only thing that is important. Quality. LONG story short, don't weigh it. Smoke it and feel proud you did what some people can't, focus on quality.

Q: What tip would you give to your younger self?

There are two curtail things I would like to share, things I would have benefited from in the beginning.

  1. It is not easy. This doesn't mean it has to be incredibly difficult, just be prepared to put some work in. Patience is a virtue you must have in order to succeed, while you learn what works and what doesn't.
  2. Be okay with making mistakes…there will be many, trust me I have made every one of them, but, mistakes are only mistakes, just make sure you learn from them.

Q: Okay I’m putting it in writing….you hope to be competing in the Karma Cup in Toronto later this year (2021). Why is this important to you?

I truly believe it is an attainable goal for me. You will talk to A LOT of growers who will say "my dope is the best ", (man I hate when people use the word dope). For me I THINK I grow the best medicine…it is time to find out!

Also, when I see growers like Pheno Finder people who won the cannabis cup in Amsterdam, I realized that this was a venue that would give me the opportunity to compare my quality to theirs.

Everything is a learning experience; even if I lose I still will have learned a valuable lesson.

My mantra:

No quit

Work harder

Want it more.

If you do I believe ANYTHING is possible.

Q: Short term goal, name it!

To continue working with revolutionary companies (such as Diablo) to better the Canadian grow culture. I’d like to add, I am ALWAYS there for people, you got an issue hit me up, we need to work together to get the Canadian cannabis market to garner the respect it deserves. Doing things, giving advice, helping when you don't have to just to help the next guy behind you, I believe strongly that my area (Alberta Canada) has some of the best growers in the world.

Q: Long term goal, give it to me!

To refine the medical use of cannabis to be exactly what people need, to help others get through life with the medicine that has changed my life and the way I live it. To change the whole view on marijuana as a medicine.  

Q: What’s your BHAG (big hairy audacious goal)?

To see Canada as a cannabis EXPORTING country.

Walk the talk, hit me up


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