A Review of the Diablo Starter Kit

January 7, 2021

My Garden and Greenhouse Reviews Our Starter Kit!

Why start with the Diablo Starter Kit? It's a great way to test Diablo's performance, whether you are a brand new grower or looking to switch up your nutes line. The kit contains 9 -10 products (country dependent) enough products to grow an entire crop of at least 4-5 plants from cloning up until harvest.
Grow your own exotic, medicinal or herbs in your own home with all the products you will need for a healthy and vigorous crop, it even includes a product to promote a better terpene profile in your plants. It's  everything you need to get started...and comes with some pretty rad swag.

Diablo Nutrients is the fastest growing plant nutrient company in North America, people choose us because of our dedication to R&D and with science no one else in the industry can touch.

For a full review read the article by MyGardenandGreenhouse


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